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The contract keeps an index into an array for processing. The contract keeps track of all BitChance holders within an array. BitChance is based on a Dividend-Paying Token Standard, where all the BTCB the contract gains will be divided equally to the token holders relative to their amount held. Every token transaction processes a certain number of users, depending on the transaction size (bigger token transfers can processmore since the gas will still be proportionally less than the value of the tokens). When a user is prosessed, the contract checks how many withdrawable dividends they have, and if it is above the minimum threshold for auto-claims, will either automatically claim those dividends for BTCB, or automatically buy-back tokens for them. This refers to the purchasing and selling of tokens by holders, where smaller transactions will be batched together over time to allow for reduced accumulated gas fees to allow larger net dividend distribution. The system is fully automated and doesn’t add minimal gas fees proportional to the value transferred. The number of holders processed through each transaction is dynamic and based in transaction size. Holders will receive dividends from the queue based in their position in the array. This allows for fairness among all holders.